Divi Rock Maps Demo

Divi Rock Maps plugin includes two dynamic map modules that will help you create beautiful maps on your website.

Below, you can see the separate demonstration of their respective modules.

Dynamic Map Module Demo

With the Dynamic Map Module, you can display unlimited markers on a map based on your WordPress website’s post types.

Clicking on the marker will display each posts information, which can be either ACF you have defined or taxonomy terms for that post type.

These locations are generated automatically, as they are taken from the post types you have created. You can display as many taxonomies and ACFs as you wish, there is no limit.

Static Map Module Demo

With the Static Map Module, you can add markers to your map by manually adding each of them at your module configuration. Of course, you need to define a latitude and longitude coordinates for your marker to show up at the map. 

Clicking on the marker manually placed at a specific point will display the information you have added for that particular location. You can add as many markers as you want for the locations you want.

Multiple map providers

Divi rock maps lets you use different map providers. You choose to work with Google Maps, or with Leaftlet, which is free to use 🙂